Picture of Jenn!I’ve created this blog and website to answer the hundreds of questions we all seem to have as parents. 

I hope this website and blog provide some stress relief and help you to know that you’re never alone on this amazing and difficult journey of parenthood.

The content written on this website is based upon my own experiences and the reading I’ve done. In addition, I've included advice personally received from nurses, doctors, a nutritionist, a fitness instructor trained specifically to work with pregnant and recently pregnant moms, and our local children’s librarian.

I have 3 nurses and 1 doctor in my immediate family and they have all received calls of panic from my husband and I.  They also provide a balance to the advice given through the many books, web articles and parenting magazines I have read.

I am an educator, mother and avid reader.  I have worked with children from 2 years to 13 years old.  I am now learning the ways of newborns with my daughter Abbey.

I am not a doctor and the information provided on this site should never replace a medical professional’s recommendations. 

- Jenn